Why WordPress is Better Enough the Blogspot: WordPress Vs Blogger


As a new blogger, the most confusing thing is to decide which Blogging platform to choose. The most suggested platforms are WordPress, BlogSpot and Tumblr. When we talk about creating a blog from professional point of view, WordPress is a good choice. There are many different things you can do with a Self-hosted WordPress blog, which can’t be done on a BlogSpot blog.

BlogSpot and WordPress offer free blogging platform which is a good way for starting your blogging career. If you have been blogging on any free blogging platform, read this article carefully in order to know the limitations of using free blogging platforms over self-hosted WordPress blog.

Blogspot vs WordPress

To make things clear I started my blogging career from BlogSpot and then shifted to Self-hosted WordPress blog. As I have already mentioned BlogSpot is a good blogging platform to start blogging career, but for long run self-hosted blog, what will be the best option? In this post I will focus on why self-hosted WordPress blog is better than free BlogSpot blog.
Why Select WordPress over BlogSpot?
Over here I will discuss benefits and disadvantages of BlogSpot. Here I will not talk about any benefits which WordPress offers and the entire features which BlogSpot offers.

Control over your blog

This is one important reason why I support self-hosted blog. Blogspot’s owneris Google and there are chances they might delete your blogspot account without any warning. Even if you are using custom domain feature, chances are that if spammers use feature Flag as spam and report blog as spam as well. Google will remove your blog.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

It does not matter where your blog is hosted; traffic is the first and last thing any blogger will look at. Search engine optimization means optimizing your blog for search engines and getting more traffic from search engines. WordPress offers more options to optimize blog for search engine .In BlogSpot you are limited to fixed settings.

Plugins and Support

WordPress makes life easy by using simple plugins for everything you require. By using these plugins, you can achieve anything or you can take help from WordPress support forum.


This can be considered as human tendency or perception, most people don’t see BlogSpot with great eye. One simple reason is that it’s free and a lot of people are using it for Black hat SEO, affiliate landing pages and spamming.

Theme and templates

BlogSpot offers templates but due to commercial nature of WordPress, you will find free and Premium WordPress themes.


With WordPress and your own email address, getting your blog approved is easy.

Reselling your blog

Google doesn’t allow reselling of BlogSpot blogs, but the case is different with self-hosted blog. You can resell your self-hosted blog.

Social media websites

WordPress keeps on updating and releasing new versions, which comes with added features and functionality, whereas on BlogSpot, there are few updates which happen over the time. Now, one of the disadvantages of using WordPress is its costly. BlogSpot is free; you can send money on WordPress Webhosts and your themes. It is worth the money you invest. With time WordPress helps you to make more from your blog.


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