Top 5 Powerful and Popular SEO Add-ons and Extensions for Browsers


There are a lot of SEO tools out there, especially when it comes to different browser Add-ons, we have a large number of SEO extensions that we can use. Sanket belonging to Blurb point team has done a great work by asking different SEO experts about their favourite browser SEO add-ons and various extensions. We have found a clear winner in terms of popularity, and during this process we ended up discovering many different and new search engine optimization browser add-ons, we had no idea about previously. In this article, I will be sharing popular SEO add-ons and a huge list of least browser extensions that are popular and can be used for different SEO purposes.

Most Popular SEO Addons as voted by SEO Experts

Let me start this article by sharing first 4 add-ons which are very popular and received the most votes. You can always search the internet for finding information regarding these SEO Add-ons.

Mozbar browser extension Firefox and Chromeis a clear winner with 56 total votes. Mozbar is a very useful product provided by Moz team, and it can workwithMOz account or without a MOz account. This tool bar helps reveal important data about page that you are browsing quickly and efficiently, including domain authority, domain authority, Meta details, Moz rank and many more. From a bloggers perspective, this toolbar is useful when you find reliable resources to link within your post, with a single click you can find trust factor of the page.

Firebug for Mozilla Firefox

Firebug is a popular SEO add-on for browser, and itisvery popular indesigner community. With Firebug you can do different things like edit CSS, check the source code, JS in real-time, debug the code and also check the loading time of page. This is not afancy looking browser extension but it offers something more for those SEO experts, who are believers in looking at code to optimize a site.


CheckMylinks is another useful add-on for content editor and link builders, as it will let you check the page quickly to see if a link on the page is working or not. With only one click, you can scan all the links of the page, and check for broken links. This is useful for link-building, because you can notify admins about broken links, and request them to replace broken links with a working link. You can get a detailed guide from internet explaining how to link for link building.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO addon will let you find link profile of a page, check the record for getting more details. It adds power of MajesticSEO official site by add-on. The only disadvantage of this addon is, to make the most out of this, you require access token, which is available to paid members of this add-on. You don’t need to worry about it, as I you can find more browser add-ons, which will work as a free replacement for Majestic SEO.

Redirect Path Checker

There is a simple and powerful chrome add-on used to check the HTTP header and flags up common HTTP status code like 301, 302, 404 and 500. It is just simply a browser extension, but comes in handy when debugging serious issues like redirection issue. These are simple but effective add-ons for SEO experts.


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