5 best ways to Drive Traffic From Forums to Your Blog

5 best ways to Drive Traffic From Forums to Your Blog

5 best ways to Drive Traffic From Forums to Your Blog

Many bloggers are just willing to drive traffic through any way to their blog and for that they are trying each and every tip provided on Google.com, but what they don’t know is that there also a best and basic trick to drive traffic from forum to your blog, this trick or tip can provide you efficient traffic and legit. Just 10 min of your day can make you drive easy traffic from forums to your blog, just what you do is do different things at one place.

5 best ways to Drive traffic from Forums to your Blog

1- I am Always active:

For getting traffic from discussion forums, 1st you have to be an active member of that forum just because you’ll be known there and each and every comment of yours would be respect and read over there. You must try to publish at least 3 good post a weak that should be informative.

2- Have link in your Signature:

The 2nd thing you must apply is that you should use signature on forums while you are posting or commenting on any post, this will let the comment reader or the post reader to click on your link, note each forum doesn’t allow people to put link on the signature, so try to add signature on those forums which allow and try good signatures, most of the traffic is just driven from this step.

3- Edit your Profile:

Now it’s time to revoke your profile the best place to make a backlink as well the people could know about you and your blog, try to put your blog link

the profile so one must check your profile and also get known to the blog by clicking on the link you provided on the blog, the best thing is this about like if you are always active and have informative threads and comments on post one will no doubt visit your profile and would come to your blog.

4- Always be positive in commenting:

When ever you are commenting on any blog one m

ust try to be positive, like when ever I am going to comment on any post what ever the person writes I always provide a positive comment so another reader could get attracted to my comment then the post. People easily understand my comments and know what I am talking about so they don’t go to others while have a click on my signature or profile.

5- Always give a brief answer:

Well I don’t think that giving a long and informative answer/comments to any blog can help in increasing clicks to your link but in fact and in beside of it if a person would just give a brief answer/comment to the particular post or question will be quite enough to inform the person about the question and make impressions to your comment and profile.


These are the best tips to increase or drive traffic from forums and increase the value of your blog and your self, while this was all. So now let me know are you guys getting traffic and how? Are you using the forums to drive traffic to your blog? If yes are you following same steps? or other?


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