5 Signs which will tell about Facebook Addiction to you

Signs which will tell about Facebook Addiction to you

Signs which will tell about Facebook Addiction to you

It is not a big secret that Facebook has taken a part of our lives and changed us into an inevitable part of it. And with complete confidence I can say that first thing that everyone from this Internet generation does after getting up is to check their Facebook accounts. Most people would prefer being active on Facebook as worthy of their time rather than other important obligations orwork. Facebook addiction has become a serious issue with Facebook having 1.1 Billion users worldwide. But the question that comes to mind is are you a Facebook addict?

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Facebook addiction according to therapists can be defined as a fine line between social networking and social dysfunction.

Some therapists were interviewed by CNN they were all quick to say that Facebook itself is not the problem and majority of its 200 million users function just fine. They say problems arise when users start ignoring their family and work obligations because they tend to find Facebook world as enjoyable place to spend their time rather than the real world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Addiction

  • Do you get anxious after every 15 minutes of updating your Facebook status regarding what the outcome would be? You are a Facebook addict who is obsessed about your Facebook image?
  • Many Facebook users want reward for their activity on Facebook in the form of likes and positive comments. Facebook brings a sense of reward among its users and you are a Facebook addict if you are obsessed with it.
  • Everyone loves to get a like or a positive comment for the new update they’ have made. But you have to make sure you don’t get obsessed with it. According to a research, Facebook users respond to feedback and positive response as a reward to the brain.
  • You prefer Facebook over real life.Then you are a Facebook addict.

People are so busy with Facebook messaging,updating statuses, sharing photos, commenting and liking posts that they forget they have a physical life as well.If you are compromising your real life for a better Facebook experience then you are a Facebook addict.All you do on Facebook is pretend to be someone you are not in the real life. If you compromise good night’s sleep,a cup of coffee with a close friend, get-together with friends, for Facebook, then you are a Facebook addict. At the end of the day your responsibilities and obligations count not the number of likes you get on Facebook. You are obsessed with reporting everything

The number of Facebook friends you have has become a symbol for a higher social life. If look at the number of friends your friend has gathered,you simply go on adding more people to your friend list just to show off your then you are an addict.

Things you should do become less of a Facebook addict

  1. You should stop venting your anger and sensitive comments.
  2. You should prefer real life or group meetups.
  3. Cut down time spent on Facebook and spread checking Facebook over three to four times a day.
  4. Make sure Facebook is not the first or the last thing of your day.
  5. Work first and use Facebook later.
  6. Care less about Facebook Fame;instead worry of your real life.


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